Rules snooker

rules snooker

Ninh explains the Rules of Snooker - a popular cue sports table game from England. This is a beginner's. Standard definitions used throughout these Rules are hereinafter italicised. 1. Frame. A frame of snooker comprises the period of the play from the start, see. Billiards and Snooker Rules. Old English table games Snooker and Billiards - comprehensive instructions for friendly play. So when a player has next to pot a red ball, if a ball other than a red ball is struck first, it is a foul stroke. Eventually all balls except the online poker spielen kostenlos ohne registrierung have been potted. In seinem Mittelpunkt befindet sich der Aufsetzpunkt engl. Whenever the cue ball goes in off, it is immediately returned to the player who can position it anywhere within the D for the next strike. Failure to do so is a foul See Penalties For Fouls. If the player plays a rules snooker shot". Da man den Spielern mit jedem gegebenen Miss faktisch das absichtliche Spielen eines Fouls unterstellt, ist diese Vorgehensweise nicht unumstritten, wird aber mangels einer Alternative beibehalten.

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Geschieht dies, so ist das ein Foul. If the opposition somehow fouled trying to pot pink, and illegitimately snookered the striker with the black, then it is fair for the striker to snooker the opposition "back" with the free black ball. The fastest maximum break in a tournament was achieved during the World Championships on April 21, , by Ronnie O'Sullivan against Mick Price in 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Whenever the cue ball goes in-off into a pocket or leaves the table. Blue - 5 points - initially placed slap bang in the middle of the table.

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A coloured ball that has been potted after a red is immediately returned to the table on its home spot. For example, as illustrated in the provided picture, if the ball on is the final red, but is snookered by the black due to a foul, the player will be able to name the blue as the free ball. Der Spieler, der die Schwarze korrekt versenkt, gewinnt den Frame. It will quickly be seen, however, that the size of these penalties are trivial compared to the injury suffered merely as a result of allowing the opponent onto the table While reds remain on the table, each potted color is spotted prior to the next stroke see Spotting Balls below for spotting rules.


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