The next bond film

the next bond film

After having ruled himself out of returning as Bond in , Daniel Craig has since softened his stance on the issue. But he's also refused to confirm that he will  ‎ Why Riz Ahmed should be the · ‎ Michael Fassbender · ‎ James Bond · ‎ Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig is reportedly bidding farewell to the role of James Bond, leaving the iconic part open for another leading actor. Daniel Craig is set to do another James Bond film after producers decided that Tom Hiddleston is “too smug and not tough enough” for the role.

The next bond film - William hill

But how it finally got shaped was probably down to [Sam Mendes,] the director. Bond may want Hardy more than Hardy wants Bond. And I think whatever happens next will be quite different. The 7 candidates for the job Arsene Wenger to be England manager? Sunday nights on the BBC is one thing; pulling off James Bond is quite another. In previous films, Blofeld headed the global criminal organisation Spectre Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion , although the character has not been seen on the big screen since 's Never Say Never Again. Showbiz has also "exclusively" revealed that Goulding has a song registered with BMI Music called Spy. A spokeswoman for the bookmakers told the newspaper: Vicky McClure; Orlando bloom. Michael Fassbender has already said no to James Bond. Oyelowo is one of the more leftfield choices on this list - and interesting casting often works better than the obvious.


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